Anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism

Anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism.

The lie of democracy.

Interview with Belgian MP Laurent Louis, whose taboo-defying speech was aired in the international media

I find it disgusting and outrageous that anybody who dares to criticize Israel is immediately labelled as anti-Semitic. It is shameful to see how far Israel goes to get anti-Zionism blended with anti-Semitism. However, the two terms have entirely different meanings - said the most outspoken member of the Belgian Parliament to Bar!kád. Laurent Louis does not believe in the existing political system and thinks that a real change can only take place if power is truly given to the people. The independent MP says that if the peoples of Europe sleep too long, we will wake up to dark ages in 2050. As he puts it, the European Union is a disaster, it is nothing but the Europe of money. That is why we must quit the European Union and establish the Europe of nations laid on social foundations.

We are not exaggerating when we say that your speech on the international manipulation in Mali and the recolonizing efforts of the great powers in the name of democracy and anti-terrorism has been aired in the media all over the world. What kind of feedback did you receive after your candid speech from Belgium and the world?

- My speech against the Mali war has indeed been reviewed all over the world. I never thought that it would be so successful. I have received lots of messages in response. I can assure you that no Belgian MP has ever received so much recognition. What really fascinates me is that the response proves that people are thirsty for the truth and want to listen to voices free of international manipulation. People are not stupid, more and more of them figure out that political and business leaders promote their own selfish interests and lie or distort the truth. We live in a world full of lies. Let me say openly that the truth is often hard to face and honest people are pilloried for telling it. The same is happening to me in Belgium now. Even though my speech was reviewed all over the world, the Belgian media is not interested in it at all. Ever since my election as an MP, I have never been asked for an interview in the Belgian press or invited to any TV show. The Belgian media presents me as a fool, a complete idiot who never says anything interesting. There is nothing but scorn and sarcasm. The local media does whatever it takes to prevent my message from getting to the people. Publicity is completely blocked from me, but when my interviews are published in the international media I feel very happy and it seems to disprove what they say about me in Belgium, namely, that I am an idiot. But this is the price of telling the truth!

- Correct me if I'm wrong, but the recent crisis in Cyprus seemed to have shown that despite all media manipulations, European citizens may have had enough of a European Union where democracy is just a façade. Banks must be saved at all costs while human lives are not nearly as important. Of course, this is considered as a conspiracy theory in the politically correct media. Putting this aside, let me quote French President Francois Hollande who said that austerity measures could lead to the disintegration of Europe and populist movements gaining ground. Indeed, the disintegration of Europe is not too far, but perhaps it is not the movements labelled as populist that cause the most trouble. How long do you think the European Union could be sustained in this form? Can the concept of the United States of Europe work?

- The European Union is a disaster, it is not a functional social Europe, it is nothing but the Europe of money. The current system has many contradictions, everybody works against each other, there is no harmony at all. The European Union has no future in this form, since it is unable to show positive and effective achievements. The European Union is a completely anti-democratic organization which oppresses its people. To put it more simply, the European Union does nothing but puts Hitler's fascist methods into practice in 2013, except in a different manner since the coup d'état against the legal order of the member states was concluded without shedding a single drop of blood. Based on all that, I believe we must quit the European Union and establish the Europe of nations laid on social foundations. The concept of the United States of Europe sounds nice but it is completely infeasible. Our laws, customs and cultures differ country by country, so any form of merger is completely infeasible.

- You don't believe in the system of political parties, you advocate direct democracy. What does it mean exactly?

- Indeed, I don't believe in the currently existing political system. The existing political parties have distorted our democracy, since they are only driven by their financial interests. I think that a real change of the political system only takes place if power is truly given to the people. That is why I support the idea of people getting into power directly because in my opinion this is the only way to have a real representation and it would guarantee a corruption-free operation as well. In Belgium, it's always the same representatives who win the elections while certain offices and ministerial seats are passed on from father to son. I am sure that if ordinary citizens could sit in the Parliament, they would make better decisions than professional politicians who are completely ignorant of the real problems in life.

Racist label

- What is your opinion about Hungary? Watching foreign media coverage, you may think that democracy has ceased to exist here and the country is ruled by anti-Semitism. For example, Brussels recently worried that the rule of law would be eliminated by the amendment of our constitution, Martin Schulz, the Speaker of the European Parliament would even withdraw Hungary's right to vote.

- We have heard a lot recently about the work of the government led by Viktor Orban. As we all know, several European countries have condemned Hungary, but I have always been against jumping to conclusions and I find it intolerable that they have interfered with Hungary's internal affairs several times. There's one thing I am certain of: patriotism is presented in Europe as a negative thing and it is often associated with racism as well. This is completely absurd, and the funniest thing is that the greatest tyrants are lecturing us on democracy. We must say it openly that using racism for labelling people serves the interests of a particular group of leaders. They conduct the policy of "divide and rule". This is exactly what they do.

- What is your view on the activity of Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary, which got into the Parliament in 2010? In Hungary as well as in the international media, the party is labelled as racist and anti-Semitic.

- As a matter of fact, I don't know the activity of Jobbik very well and I have not studied the entire programme of the party, but I know that Jobbik is regularly depicted as an anti-Zionist and racist party. Such labelling is very convenient for these groups and this evil practice is quite often applied all over Europe. These groups would do anything to mislead people. As far as I am concerned, I believe that all parties must defend their own thoughts and ideology, that's the point of democracy.

- The news of the honour awarded to Ferenc Szaniszló, a foreign policy journalist has recently been aired in the international media. The story may have been covered in Belgium as well. The Israeli ambassador in Budapest gave a clear instruction to the government to withdraw the honour, which the minister obeyed, while the Anti-Defamation League, the American ambassador in Budapest also objected, even BBC was interested in the topic. The journalist was labelled as anti-Roma and anti-Semitic, just because he dared to talk in his TV show about such issues as underlying global powers, gypsies looting rural Hungary and killing old people or the Gaza massacre. So much about freedom of the press and national sovereignty. Can we change this at all? Are there similar conditions in Belgium as well?

- I haven't heard of this case yet. But it seems to show that just like in Belgium, there are taboos in Hungary as well, which you cannot talk about without being labelled as a racist. As we know, the discussion of the gypsy issue raises similar problems. If you ask me, I stand for the freedom of speech, and believe that a journalist should remain unbiased. When the situation of the Palestinians is discussed, the Israeli government is inevitably criticised.  Unfortunately, it has become a prevailing tendency that it is forbidden to criticise a particular country which happens to receive huge income due to the compensations. In stark contrast with them, the Palestinians are under complete oppression and Israel violates international agreements on a daily basis. I find it disgusting and outrageous that anybody who dares to criticize Israel is immediately labelled as anti-Semitic. Of course, this approach is quite convenient for Jews. It is shameful to see how far Israel goes to get anti-Zionism blended with anti-Semitism. However, the two terms have completely different meanings. As far as I am concerned, I consider myself to be anti-Zionist, but I am not against Jews.

- In your opinion, what kind of Europe will we see in, for instance, 2050?  Is there a way to break out of this international manipulation?

- It is difficult to predict the future of Europe. But if we continue everything the way we do now, we are heading straight to the wall. Our rights and liberties are more and more restricted, living standards are deteriorating and we cannot show bright prospects for the young generation, either. Personally, I am quite a pessimist, and if European people fail to wake up in time, I'm afraid we'll wake up to dark days in 2050. We don't have 36 different options to get out of the sphere of international manipulation. There is one thing we can do, the political system must be changed and power must be given to the people. We must quit the current virtual economy.

– What is your opinion about Russia, China, India, Brazil and South Africa (the so-called BRICS countries) establishing a new international development bank? This means that the IMF and the World Bank now have a challenger. Do you think this could also mean breaking the international power of the USA and its ally, Israel?

- It is high time to have a counterbalance against the power of the IMF and the World Bank. The next few years will show how the future of this organization unfolds, but I think that a new international development bank is a good idea. It is important to fight the American Zionist hegemony, so we must support all initiatives like this.

Veronika Takács – Éva Csuri



Laurent Louis was born in Nivelles, Belgium in 1980. He studied Latin and Greek in secondary school, then he pursued legal studies but he had to start working at an early age, due to his parents' demise.

The independent Belgian MP gained international fame when he called public attention to the international manipulation and recolonization plot behind the military intervention in Mali, Africa. His speech was translated into countless languages, and it went viral on the video sharing portals of the Internet.

Laurent Louis joined the Belgian People's Party (PP) in 2010, but he left the organization in 2011 due to tensions within the party, and established his own Movement for Liberty and Democracy (MLD) , which he dissolved in January this year. The reason was that in his view there is no need for political parties and real democracy must be brought back to Parliament, which means that people are delegated directly to power. In his biography on his website, the independent MP says that he grew up in modest conditions, so such values as hard work, respect and justice are important for him. He defines himself as a patriot.

In 2011, the independent MP was the only member of the Belgian Parliament to vote against the military intervention in Libya. In an interview posted on the website of Radio - La Voix de la Russie in April, Laurent Louis said that terrible crimes had been committed in the name of Zionism since 9/11, and Zionist projects were being carried out in Mali, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Syria as well.


I won't keep my mouth shut!

"For months now, our country has been intent on teaching Islamist systems a lesson in North Africa and the Middle East. So when they tell me that they want to start a war in Mali to fight against terrorism, well... I must laugh. That's a lie! Pretending to show good will, we are intervening to protect financial interests according to a well-designed recolonization plot. It is a noble thing to go to war and to liberate people from an external aggressor. However, it is not in the least noble to go to war just to protect the interests of the USA, to go to war to protect large business companies like AREVA, to go to war to put our hands on goldmines. Nobody dares to speak out, but I won't keep my mouth shut! And if my struggle seems to suggest that I am an enemy of a system that claims fighting for human rights while in fact it serves financial, geostrategic and recolonizing interests, so be it!"

(Laurent Louis' speech in the Belgian Parliament in February 2013, regarding the military operations launched in Mali.)

source: Bar!kád weekly magazine