Another atrocity – Fidesz man hits a woman this time

Jobbik condemns the cowardly, unmanly and scandalous act of a Fidesz man who physically insulted a young lady in plain sight in a public area in the city of Debrecen. As reported by Alfahír news portal, a former Fidelitas politician, who is still actively attached to the party, threw curses at a woman, on account of the latter being a Jobbik supporter, and eventually hit her in the head. The young woman was accompanied by a minor, too. The victim had the medical examination of the injury taken and reported the incident to the police. Again, we are waiting for Fidesz’ reaction to disown the act although if their MP János Pócs’ humiliation of a worker by forcing him into a furnace or the sexual assault committed by a mayor of theirs did not blow the governing party’s fuse, this case most likely wont, either. Not only doesn’t Fidesz seem to mind these cases, they tolerate and encourage such criminals among their ranks. This is the true face of Fidesz: hatemongering and turning people against each other.

Jobbik condemns Fidesz members’ violent behaviour against women. Unlike Fidesz, Jobbik takes women’s issues seriously. Our party does not consider women as childbearing machines and we stand for all women against conceited, arrogant pro-government spoilsmen who know they are above the law and deeply despise and look down upon their voters, the people of Hungary.


György Szilágyi, deputy faction leader, Jobbik