Although the Orbán government is no longer interested, there is still a force to represent the cause of foreign currency loan holders

“Jobbik is working on a proposition to prompt a dialogue between the affected banks and their clients,” said Dániel Z. Kárpát, Jobbik’s vice president in his Budapest press conference.

Explaining the proposition, the politician expressed his opinion that the government was not going to come up with a comprehensive package to settle the matter in this four-year term, but Jobbik wanted to help the victims even before a new settlement legislation was adopted. In their negotiations, the banks and the clients should discuss such options as extending the loan period or rescheduling the instalments.

Mr Z. Kárpát added that the settlement to be regulated in a future law should be based on the exchange rate valid at the time of taking the loans, while the agreement with the National Asset Management Fund should be independent from the permission of the commercial bank. Talking about the sum accumulated on a collective account due to the exchange rate limit, Jobbik’s vice president said these debts were unjustified and the banks should cancel them. He also urged to hold accountable all those responsible for this situation.


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