With an ally like this, who needs enemies?

With an ally like this, who needs enemies?

Jobbik motions to set up an investigative committee in the Parliament to look into what kind of spying activities the United States conducted in Hungary and how they influenced the Hungarian political sphere.

Jobbik motions to set up a 5-party parity committee in order to investigate what kind of surveillance and politically influential activities the United States and its partners conducted against Hungary in the past – said Márton Gyöngyösi in a press conference on Wednesday.

As was published before, NSA, the intelligence service of the USA was operating surveillance devices at the United States Embassy in Szabadság Square, which raises very serious questions.

Jobbik's politician says we should look into what kind of data the service was collecting in Hungary, what parties, organizations and public figures were spied on and for what purpose. Are there any NGOs that received some of that information so that they could use it for manipulating political life in Hungary?

It is quite clear that the United States uses its secret service to affect the economic and political arena, we have seen many tell-tale signs of that. There have been several "revolutions" taking place in the former Soviet region, which had some underlying secret service motives, such as the so-called "colour revolutions" – added Márton Gyöngyösi.

We saw some worrying signs in Hungary as well, including the movements of HaHa, or Charles Gati's statement that the US may consider democratic and undemocratic moves potentially made against countries that do not follow the instructions given by the West.

We know very well that Charles Gati is a noted representative of Center for American Progress (CAP) which is not only in contact with Gordon Bajnai, but it is one of the largest sponsors of Patriotism and Progress Foundation.

Márton Gyöngyösi says that such interference grossly infringes upon our national sovereignty, and the political elite, especially the government, seems to assist it.

Ever since the Wikileaks scandal, we have known that when it comes to Viktor Orbán, what matters is what he does, not what he says. That's why we have a reason to worry, since it's quite clear that the government has sabotaged each of our initiatives in this matter.

The national security committee was convened upon Jobbik's motion, so that we can discuss the issue; and the Hungarian national security service was also ordered to report upon our request.

With regard to dual citizenship, Jobbik submitted a bill to the Parliament to require MPs to declare what other citizenships they have beside the Hungarian one. However, the government majority and the leftist opposition voted against it.

We also submitted a draft resolution to make the funding of NGOs more transparent, yet the Parliament voted against it, too – he added.

These issues seriously infringe upon our national sovereignty. The MP says that our political life cannot be transparent unless we get answers to these questions.

So Jobbik is now submitting a draft resolution.

Jobbik has been focussing on this issue since the Snowden case broke out, i.e. ever since we first heard that EU citizens may have been monitored by various spyware solutions.

We know that certain multinational IT companies such as Microsoft, for example, cooperate with NSA, which raises the question whether there are companies that the government concluded a strategic agreement with, and whether such agreement poses a national security risk - said Zsolt Németh.

Jobbik's politician says we need to find out how impacted are the European secret services that cooperated with the intelligence organizations of the USA. This also raises the question to what extent the Hungarian national security services cooperated with the NSA. How much are they responsible?

Looking for the answers to these questions, Jobbik  submitted its draft resolution motioning to set up an investigative committee. I wonder what our enemies are like if our allies spy on us, which raises the issue of reconsidering our Trans-Atlantic relations as well - the MP says.

Source: alfahir.hu