Against Brussels

"Jobbik is perplexed to see that the European Commission opens an infringement procedure against Hungary on our new act on the transfer of agricultural land, because this extremely weak law is completely unsuitable for the purpose (i.e. to protect agricultural lands) advocated by government party Fidesz." stated Zoltán Magyar in a telephone interview on Sunday.

Jobbik's politician says that Fidesz' land act is unable to block foreigners from buying our land, so the legislation did open the market indeed, while the Hungarian arable land has become a victim of free trade.

"Besides, Fidesz-friendly large farms with 1000 hectares qualify as small enterprises according to the provisions of this act" he continued, "while the government party has absolutely no problem with a significant part of agricultural subsidies landing in the hands of large farms. We are quite aware that the operation of these companies depend on the subsidies" added the politician who believes that the act facilitates this process in every possible way instead of restricting it.

Zoltán Magyar talked about the land of the Hungarian national parks as well: the land of these nature conservation areas are being taken away so that they could be transferred into the hands of the government's buddies. He says he has every reason to make this assumption as the practice of the past few years is a clear indication of what is going to happen.

"Brussels wants to eliminate even this extremely weak law, while it is quite clear that Fidesz is unable to protect the Hungarian land against the West, so on Monday Jobbik will submit a bill that is suitable for the purpose." said the politician.

“As the government is the only entity allowed to submit a motion to the European Commission in order to initiate the amendment of the accession treaty and change the status of arable land, we demand Fidesz to represent Jobbik's opinion which is legally defensible in European and Hungarian law as well.

The party considers it a key task to coordinate our efforts with other countries and change the status of arable land, removing it from the category of capital assets. Our opinion is clear," he said, "agricultural land belongs exclusively to the locals, to the farmers working locally. Neither foreign nor Hungarian venture capital must be allowed access to the ownership of Hungarian arable land.

Although we don't know the exact wording of Brussels objections yet, rumour has it that the EC does not like the concept that limited liability companies are not allowed to acquire land ownership in Hungary.

If it proves to be true and Brussels can get Fidesz to lift this ban and to let venture capital in, it will be the end of the Hungarian rural economy as we know it, and we must use any means necessary to prevent it." said Zoltán Magyar.


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