Afraid to criticize the US

Eurostat's latest data show that the number of asylum seekers coming to Europe from the countries where Washington carried out interventions is second to Kosovo only. This implies that the wrong foreign policy concept followed by the US and its allies may be a key reason for this massive 21st-century migration. However, the Hungarian government, Fidesz, the Socialists and the so-called civil rights organizations still refrain from criticizing US foreign policy.

In response to a question by Magyar Nemzet Daily whether the government was planning to demand the United States to change its war-like foreign policy in order to help reduce the immigration influx into Europe, the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) emphasized that Hungary would not issue any demands to the US in relation with its foreign policy.
The latest Eurostat data indicate that after Kosovo, the second largest source region of immigration into Europe is made up of the countries that had suffered interventions by the US and its allies since 2001. This seems to suggest that the wrong Western policy of "exporting democracy", along with the economic hardships, may be another key factor in triggering this massive 21st-century migration wave.

Fidesz keeps a low profile, Jobbik objects

Magyar Nemzet's article collected the opinions of political parties and civil rights organizations on this matter. Szilárd Németh (Fidesz) said he "had no time to answer", Zsolt Németh, the Fidesz-delegated chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Hungarian National Assembly indicated that he was in Strasbourg.
Jobbik spokesman Ádám Mirkóczki explained that his party clearly condemns and objects to any US interventions inducing coups d'état, civil wars and international armed conflicts on the pretext of protecting human rights and democratic values. In the party's view, the US' foreign and security policy, or the series of measures disguised as such, are drifting Europe and the world to the brink of disaster.

András Schiffer of the Politics Can Be Different party expressed his opinion that the Hungarian government would never try to exercise pressure on the US under any circumstances. Schiffer reminded the journalist that the Orbán government "fell in line" with the US policy with regard to the campaign against the Islamic State, too. Furthermore, as Schiffer puts it, the Hungarian government shrugs off any warning about the global implications of this problem. András Schiffer says Hungary should make it clear within NATO and the EU where Western responsibility lies in terms of the events going on in Northern African and the Middle East.

On the other hand, Tamás Harangozó, the deputy leader of the Socialist Parliamentary Group said that it was not the US army that these people were fleeing from.

Silent civil rights activists

Conspicuously enough, the so-called civil rights organizations, which otherwise tend to speak up against any measures hindering illegal migration such as the border fences in the US, Greece, Bulgaria, Spain or Hungary, are not quite so active when the focus is on US foreign policy. For example, the Helsinki Committee simply refused to answer the newspaper's questions, while Amnesty International kept emphasizing the complexity and global nature of the refugee crisis.


In his guest commentary submitted to Alfahír, Iván Molnár, a journalist of Új Szó, a Hungarian-language paper in Slovakia also blamed the United States for the crisis.
"The United States and some of its Western European vassals are the ones solely responsible for the current refugee wave. At their own discretion, they decided to completely upset the fragile balance in the Middle East and Northern Africa, and now they pretend as if they had had nothing to do with it" stated Molnár in his article which Új Szó refused to publish.


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