Áder is not Hungary’s but Orbán’s president

The recent events have clearly revealed that János Áder is not Hungary’s but Viktor Orbán’s president who does not refrain from violating the Constitution and curbing the freedom of speech just to protect the Orbán regime’s corrupt system.

By the head of state signing the outdoor media legislation, Hungary has finally abandoned the rule of law even at the highest level. We cannot return to the normal path unless we show that even the President of the Republic is held accountable for violating the Fundamental Law of Hungary.

Therefore, Jobbik initiates an impeachment procedure against János Áder since he has become unworthy to be the head of state. Furthermore, we will turn to the Constitutional Court to request a posterior review of the legislation, and in 2018 we will replace this utterly corrupt government along with its dictatorial methods, and build a fair, safe, free and liveable Hungary instead.


Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary