About “sorosing”, honestly

 I’ve never thought I would ever have to address completely absurd ideas at a length like this. I thought that Fidesz just dragged the figure of George Soros into the political discourse to create an enemy image for the time of the election campaign so that they could incite fear in people. However, it seems there’s no stopping of it any more.

According to media rumours, Cabinet Minister Gergely Gulyás made an attempt to get rid of the plot, asking “why do we need the issue of this old Jew?” but Orbán allegedly shrugged him off saying they had no better idea. Later on, Gergely Gulyás protested against anyone thinking he would discuss matters in such a style. However, I think this style quite fits the world of the “sticky-fingered” leader, and they are hypocritical to act as if they were offended. “Sorosing” is no longer just a campaign message for them but a foundation of their policy, which they feed to the people and use it to justify any treason and theft.

This is no longer just a campaign, it’s the very same world depicted by George Orwell in his novel 1984, where a small elite rules the world through constant lies about a certain Goldstein. Viktor Orbán’s Goldstein is George Soros. Soros is an ideal target: he’s of Jewish origin, very rich and old enough and living conveniently far from here to not really be willing or able to do anything in Hungary.

This is not to protect George Soros. I have no reason to do so and I certainly don’t want to be on the same political platform with him. However, “sorosing” is insane and it’s no longer just me to say so but everybody except Fidesz, its two small satellite parties and a few corrupt Eastern European politicians.

Why can I state so confidently that there’s no such thing as a “Soros Plan”? Well, the evidence has just arrived in Hungary in the person of former Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski. Mr Gruevski is a good friend of Viktor Orbán’s and he had no inhibitions whatsoever to steal the assets of his country while claiming he was the only one who could protect Macedonia from George Soros and the migrants. He was even the first to use the “STOP SOROS” slogan. However, the Macedonian people drove him out of power and even sentenced him to prison but this good fellow was somehow able to flee here, to Hungary. But, lo and behold, there have been neither more nor fewer migrants in Macedonia since, and neither is George Soros paying any more attention to this small Balkan country than before. So Gruevski just told bold-faced lies, exactly what and how the sticky-fingered Hungarian government has been doing.

Gruevski fled and left an isolating country from which young Macedonians escape to the west: his plan was to seek refuge and request asylum from his Hungarian friends if he falls. Orbán and his minions probably have a similar plan in case they once would be held to account for isolating Hungary internationally and driving citizens away; they can play the old record again and keep “sorosing” day and night. This event has likely come for them at the worst time but I suggest they should reap what they sowed. Let them “soros” as much and as loudly as possible. Let them “soros” as ridiculously as possible. Let them “soros” as long as there’s any single person left to believe their stupid tales. I hope they will “soros” in response to this post, too. And let’s laugh at them and cast our ballots for a reasonable party in May. Let me note here that Jobbik wants a safe and free Hungary instead of “sorosing”, reptilians and Balkan political thugs.


The original text was published on Márton Gyöngyösi's Facebook account