A border fence is not a solution on its own

A border fence on its own cannot prevent the influx of refugees. So Jobbik proposes a systematic, comprehensive solution package. It would include the right to turn away refugees, setting up an independent border guard service, ensuring immigration detention and restricting refugee camps, said Jobbik MP Dániel Z. Kárpát in his press conference held in the Parliament on Wednesday.

The politician finds it quite upsetting that the leftist-liberal forces, who were busy threatening Hungarian citizens with the influx of 23 million Romanians and losing their pensions and jobs before the 2004 referendum on granting citizenship to Hungarians living outside our borders, are now ready to give social housing and voting rights to immigrants. Dániel Z. Kárpát suggested these liberal groups to move in and stay with illegal immigrants for a while. After drawing the conclusions from their experience, they should be able to form opinions that are in line with the interests of all Hungarian citizens.

Jobbik believes that we must lend a helping hand to all those who are truly persecuted in their homelands and their lives are in danger, yet this could not mean a massive naturalization. The opposition party also rejects the quota system invented by Brussels, emphasized the politician.  He added that Hungary could not help economic immigrants, since our country neither has the financial resources and nor is it our duty to do so.

The government just announced today that they would raise a 175-kilometre long and 4-metre high fence along the Hungary-Serbia border. Dániel Z. Kárpát says the introduction of a border fence may not prevent the influx of immigrants in the long run. The problem requires a systematic and comprehensive solution.  The package of measures could include immigration detention and stricter policing regulations.

Contrary to the rhetoric of the government, the politician says it is not our jobs that we should fear for, since immigrants, in his view, primarily look for capitalizing on the benefits provided by the European social security system.

The proposal of the radical opposition party also includes giving the right to the government to turn away incoming individuals whose identity and personal motives are hard to define. The party also suggests to set up a border guard service that is independent from the police. The MP finds it unacceptable that Hungary is the only country with a Schengen border that does not have an independent border guard service.

Talking about refugee camps, the politician said: The institutions operated in Debrecen and other cities should be restricted, just as Viktor Orbán promised, so that citizens could be prevented from falling victim to crimes committed by immigrants. He added that refugee camps should eventually be set up outside any residential area, thus preventing any potential conflicts between the refugees and the local population.