A black day for Hungarian democracy

As it has been reported earlier, the European Parliament is currently investigating Hungary over concerns related to basic European rights and is studying the status of democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights in our country. While the leaders of EU Member States, i.e., the European Council, are waiting for the report, Hungary’s reigning Orbán government is dismantling democracy.

Jobbik’s Candidate for Prime Minister Gábor Vona called the attack on his party “the Black Wednesday of Hungarian democracy”. An institution linked to the Fidesz-led government, the State Audit Office (SAO) is now taking administrative measures to wipe the strongest opposition party out of the competition. Headed by a former Fidesz MP, the manually-controlled State Audit Office has violated all constitutional and legal norms and denied Jobbik an honest investigation and the right for a fair procedure. The authority is imposing such an enormous fine on Jobbik which, along with the equivalent sum withheld from the party’s state subsidy (exceeding 2 Million Euros in total), will jeopardize Jobbik’s participation in the elections. The president of the party says that the SAO’s attack was orchestrated by the reigning government. Gábor Vona decided to inform the international public directly from the most reliable source as to what was happening to Jobbik and Hungary.

In his international press conference, Gábor Vona asserted that the attack on Jobbik was not only affecting his party but Hungarian democracy and Hungary in general. It is unheard of and unimaginable in any European democracy for the reigning government to use such means and try to destroy the strongest opponent, the only potential contender 4 months before the elections. Jobbik’s president revealed that they had received an enormous amount of supportive and encouraging messages from the Hungarian society, from Hungarian citizens in the last 48 hours. People seem to understand this is a critical situation in terms of the past 27 years of Hungarian democracy. Talking about the State Audit Office’s encroachments and illegitimate procedure, Mr Vona said he was shocked that such things could happen in the middle, in the heart of Europe, and the law did not allow anyone to appeal the decision of the State Audit Office. The illegitimately imposed fine jeopardizes Jobbik’s participation in the national elections next April. Fidesz’ motive was clear: with only 4 months to go before the elections, they want to wipe out their last remaining political competitor. Viktor Orbán seems to be annoyed by multi-party democracy.

In this impossible situation, Jobbik has decided that the only chance, the only window of opportunity for Hungary and the party was to appeal directly to the people. “We are determined, we are not afraid to face Fidesz but we cannot succeed without the help of the Hungarian people. That’s why we decided to launch a campaign to collect donations. In this unprecedented situation we are now turning for help to the people of Hungary whose financial means are limited. We have no choice but to do so and we promise our people an honest and successful government in return”, Mr. Vona emphasized. The president also explained in his press conference that the donations were going to be used to secure the financial resources for the party to compete in the elections. Donations are only acceptable from Hungarian citizens living at home or abroad. All information on the donations is available at www.jobbik.hu and www.jobbik.com. Citizens interested in the donation process can send their inquiries to adomany@jobbik.hu.

The stakes for the next four months are: either Viktor Orbán will destroy Jobbik in a most radical way, also dismantling democracy in the process, or Jobbik as a people’s party will stop this madness with the support of Hungarian citizens who want a change in government. The party leader said the alliance of the people’s party and the citizens was going to oust Viktor Orbán’s government next April.


Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary