20 thousand students may be excluded from higher education

Jobbik finds it a saddening yet telling sign of the Orbán government’s education policy that over 19 thousand students would have been unable to begin their studies this year if language exam certificates had already been required for college and university admissions. Ominously enough, nearly half of all teacher training college students would be squeezed out of higher education if the government’s directive entered into force. Such a drastic drop of student numbers will drive Hungary’s higher education system to the brink of disaster, undermining the operation of universities and colleges.

Top-quality higher education is indeed a vital issue for Jobbik, and we do agree that college admission should require a certain level of knowledge which includes a command of foreign languages but before you set such requirements, you must also provide the necessary conditions for meeting them. That’s why we find it scandalous that Fidesz has failed to take any efficient measures in this area. At present, many Hungarian public education institutions are unable to ensure the basic conditions of effective language learning so we believe it’s unacceptable that the government wants to introduce language exam certificates as a precondition for admission to college.

Hungary’s language education is struggling with fundamental problems and it is in need of urgent reforms, for which Jobbik has concrete ideas laid out in a reform package. Any responsible government must provide the necessary conditions and implement a language education reform before setting additional requirements for students, so Jobbik now calls on the cabinet not to put the government directive into force in 2020, which would not allow students to be admitted to college without an intermediate language exam certificate.


Gergely Farkas, Member of Parliament, Jobbik