2019: Fight or reconcile?

Meeting with citizens, we are often asked: What does Jobbik want? When I’m writing this post, it has come to what we’ve been waiting for: after the outrageous passing of the slave law, people woke up and demanded the government to finally treat them as citizens rather than subjects. There was no question in our minds where we should be. Ever since we launched the Wage Union initiative, we have been travelling across Europe to achieve fair wages and working conditions for Hungarian people. We never asked which parties the endorsers liked. We knocked at the door of every trade union or expert. We did so because there’s no such thing as a right-wing or left-wing overtime and salary, there’s no liberal or conservative bread.

We, Jobbik members and supporters are pro-right people who work to serve the nation. Not just one half of it, but the whole nation from London through Budapest to Székelyudvarhely (Odorheiu Secuiesc). We welcome everyone who wants to come along with us on the road. But we know that 100% approval ratings only happen in dictatorships. So we have to work together with some people that we disagree with on many things. They were elected by Hungarian citizens, too. No matter how hard it is, you must be able to make compromises here, just like in a family. Unfortunately, there are some politicians who refuse to make any kind of compromise at all. However, we believe that there’s only one thing we can’t make a compromise on: the service of the Hungarian people. Of course, you can see some people at the demonstrations who we have known for their different side so far. We can clearly remember the times before 2010 when the leftist governments were playing the same cynical game that Fidesz does today. We hope that their politicians have realized the error of their ways and changed for the better by now, when they come to the streets. As Christian people, let’s hope that everyone has the capacity to become better.

I’m proud of today’s Jobbik for being a democratic community which is based on solid values but can respect other people’s opinions, too (even those who constantly question our ability to do so). If necessary, Jobbik can cooperate and take action for common causes, for the people! Even if it takes standing in a cloud of tear gas at 8 degrees below zero or fighting for the rule of law in the building of the public TV. We didn’t look at who was standing next to us. Instead, we looked at who was standing behind us and it was the people. As long as the people stand behind us, it’s our duty to stay with them. This is the spirit we’re going to work with, and we will find our common voice with those who can help us get ahead on this road.

And just as the Hungarian people is one and there’s no such thing as right- or left-wing livelihood, there’s no right- or left-wing pavement, library, bus or park, either. This is the spirit with which we go into the municipal elections in the autumn so that we could help credible and competent candidates to win. Those who agree with us in this matter can rely on Jobbik’s support. Before the municipal elections however, there’s a European parliamentary election ahead of us, too. By now, Fidesz has become an authoritarian organization which stops at nothing when it comes to keeping its power, even if Hungary has to leave the European Union on Fidesz’ account. We can prevent this on 26th May by voting for Jobbik.

In 2019, Jobbik will work so that we could live in a safe Europe and a free Hungary. Instead of the chaos caused by Fidesz and its friends, let’s choose a predictable life! Even though we’re heading into a lot of struggle, we must never forget that, unlike Orbán’s, our ultimate goal is not war but such a new reconciliation among Hungarian people and between Hungary and Europe that could guarantee safety and prosperity. This is Jobbik’s goal in 2019.