2018 will see a majority of voters wishing to replace the government

On Monday, Gábor Vona was interviewed by Olga Kálmán in HirTV’s “Talk Straight” show. Jobbik’s president explained that a clear majority of citizens wanted the government to leave and Jobbik was going to collect their votes in 2018.

The politician said he was very happy that his candidacy for Prime Minister was supported by such a high percentage of Jobbik members in spite of the problems experienced in the past few years. He also expressed that the party’s declaration on the guidelines for a future Jobbik government was equally important.

Explaining the significance of this declaration, Mr Vona compared it to Jobbik’s founding charter. The general guidelines will be the basis for a detailed election programme with specific professional proposals, which will be presented in the campaign period. The party is also preparing a complete government programme for the time after the elections, which the other political parties have failed to do so far.

He expressed his view that it would be a duty for any political party to lay out and honestly present the guidelines and values they wish to base their governance upon. Mr Vona added that Hungary was unfortunately being “governed by obsessions rather than common sense”.

The president explained that while his conference speech did contain some programme elements, there was much more to come. Hungary’s healthcare, education, the European wage union, the pension issue and stopping the emigration of our young people are just some components of Jobbik’s programme.

Ms Kálmán asked whether the party’s popularity had come to a halt and if the progress into a people’s party was successful since recent polls seemed to suggest otherwise. Mr Vona pointed out that the party’s overall ratings had not increased in the past months but there had been significant changes nonetheless: Jobbik had turned from the most rejected party into the least rejected one while a growing number of voters marked it as their second option.

However, he added that poll data were less important than getting Jobbik’s declaration on the guidelines for the future government through to people and he said his party was going to reach out to the majority of voters in 2018.

“What the polls show is a momentary picture, but there is a very significant majority wishing to replace the government.” Jobbik’s president asserted Hungary was characterized by “a silence before the explosion”, explaining that the majority of citizens will vote for a new government and his party is going to collect their support.


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