11th April: a black day in the history of free Hungarian press

Jobbik considers 11th April as a black day in the history of free Hungarian press, when the prestigious 80-year-old daily Magyar Nemzet puts out its last issue and Radio Lánchíd no longer broadcasts, either. It is a “Brave New World” with Fidesz sparing no means to expand its dictatorship reminiscent of the Communist regime, where any remaining and surviving opposition media outlets close down one after the other – those which had not been devoured by Fidesz, that is. Meanwhile, lined with state advertisements worth HUF billions of the taxpayers’ money, pro-government media outlets are alive and kicking, and they can keep lying freely and unpunished, as commissioned by the government. Jobbik expresses its solidarity with all Magyar Nemzet and Radio Lánchíd employees, and thanks them for their highly professional and uncensored work over the years. We also hope that weekly magazine Heti Válasz may be able to stay afloat. Nothing reflects the status of Hungary’s rule of law and democracy better than what happens to the free press, which is about to disappear.


Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary