Vona to Orbán: Mr Prime Minister, you will be the first to answer for your actions!

“It’s time to talk about the reality,” this is how Gábor Vona began his reaction to the Prime Minister’s pre-agenda speech. Jobbik’s president agreed with Mr Orbán inasmuch that Fidesz took over a ruined country from the Socialists in 2010, but he pointed out that the government had led Hungary into descent since, raising the level of corruption instead of living standards. The Hungarian Parliament’s autumn session takes a rough start.

In Mr Vona’s view, there’s no point for the PM to set up a statue of István Tisza (Prime Minister of Hungary between 1903-1905 and 1913-1917) as long as he smuggles Communist leaders Rákosi and Kádár’s legacy back into Hungary’s political sphere. You could have used your two terms with a two thirds Parliamentary majority to achieve something great for Hungary, said Jobbik’s PM candidate to Mr Orbán, adding that he should think about why he abused this opportunity instead.

Talking about Mr Orbán’s policy, the opposition leader emphasized you could only learn one thing from Fidesz’ president: how not to lead a country. Mr Vona added that Fidesz’ original ideas had all been lost but for three things: football, sunflower seed snacks and the PM’s pet narrow-gauge railway project.

The party president pointed out that the border fence was going to stay even after Mr Orbán’s fall, but Jobbik would also set up an independent border guard service and would not allow rich migrants to settle in Hungary, either. This means that they will put an end to Fidesz’ emergency bond business as well. Mr Vona added that Hungary had been waiting 27 years for politicians being held to account at last. “Mr Prime Minister, you will be the first to answer for your actions!” Mr Vona promised to PM Orbán.

Explaining that Jobbik had its own plan to raise the Eastern Central European region and the Hungarian economy, the first step of which was the European Citizens’ Initiative for a Wage Union which, typically enough, Viktor Orbán and Fidesz refused to support. In the opposition leader’s opinion, the stakes of the elections in 2018 are whether Hungary continues to decline with Mr Orbán or starts rising without him.

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