Speech of Márton Gyöngyösi on the protest against sentence against Croatian general Ante Gotovina

The Sixty-four Counties Youth Movement organised a protest against the sentence of Ante Gotovina, Croatian national hero by the Hague Judges. At the event Márton Gyöngyösi delivered a speech as well. You can find the full speech of the deputis the below.


Hungarian Brothers and Sisters, dear Croatian Friends!

We, Hungarians have often experienced in our history that Europe, the highly prized West how unbecomingly treats our country and our nation. We have sacrificed ourselves so many times on the altar of Europe, done everything to protect its values and culture. We sacrificed our best people in bloody defensive battles as the “bastion of the West” but rarely if ever received acknowledgment from Europe.

We can say without exaggeration that every time Hungarians fought for their national survival and independence the Western powers turned away disinterested. The West displayed a large degree of apathy when the best of our nation fell on the battlefield of Mohács but Rákóczi, Kossuth, the 13 martyrs of Arad and the heroes of 1956 found no support either even in a moral sense.

Only the incomprehension of the West surpasses its indifference, whenever it turns its eyes towards Hungary and Central and Eastern Europe. A century of chaos following the Trianon Peace Treaty and the hopeless and endless confrontations dominating the region since, is proof that the West either does not understand the region’s complex system of relationships or it deliberately speculates on the weakening and destabilizing of the region in order to enforce its own geostrategic and geopolitical interest.


Dear Friends!

It is important and cannot be emphasized enough that all the present complexities of Central and Eastern Europe with its ethnic tension and its age-long bother and bane, in the twentieth century’s original sin, are related to the Peace Treaty of Trianon. This was the cause of the upheaval that stirred up the region’s ancient system of relationships and the status quo. This is how Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia that were built on lies and false myths – just to mention the two most absurd creations of Trianon – could come to existence on the corpse of the dismembered HungarianKingdom. Retrospectively, their ends were just as inglorious as their inception.

The West as much as at the beginning in Trianon took on an infamous and shameful role at the end. This time not directly, but by triggering a complex mechanism of exercising power in the twentieth century, by way of the verdict of the Hague Tribunal, the punitive instrument of the global dominating system.

It’s been a month since General Ante Gotovina has been charged with war crimes and imprisoned for 24 years. According to the charges, in the August of 1995 Gotovina was one of the leading generals of the Operation Storm during which the Croatian army ousted the Serbian troops from the country and eliminated the enclave of the Carniola Republic of Serbia, which was established on the third of Croatia by Serbian paramilitary forces.


Dear Friends!

The sentence of the Hague Tribune is unjust and morally unacceptable in many ways. Gotovina’s fight and the Croatian war of liberation was a legitimate self-defence after the attack of the Serbian-Yugoslavian army and paramilitary forces. General Gotovina, the leader of the Operation Storm was an outstanding figure of this action, a national hero whose deeds are an example for not only his homeland but for every freedom-loving nation.

For us, Hungarians, as well. Gotovina and the heroes of the patriotic war mean not only the restoration of national sovereignty for the Croatian people but also mean the national togetherness, cohesion and pride patriotism.

We can consider it as a fact that without Gotovina and the heroes of the Croatian War of Independence today Croatia would not exist.


My Friends!

The shameful sentence of the Hague Tribune is revolting itself as –breaking with the principles of international law that was often referred to at Nuremberg- it condemns not those who are responsible for the aggressive war, but the heroes of the patriotic war. This sentence has a very serious message considering our future: relentless pursuit and convictions are to come for those who act as patriots and take up arms to protect their own nations. Hague is telling us that for everyone to whom the independence of the nation, sovereignty and cohesion is important and saint could end up in prison.   

We know that those who conducted false propaganda and initiated war against Iraq and Afghanistan that claimed millions of dead, wounded and refugees are still prestigious politicians in their own country like Tony Blair and George Bush.

We know that the killers of Palestinian infants, children, women and old men, from Ariel Sharon to Simon Perez through Benjamin Netanyahu, who would even use phosphor bombs, live undisturbed lives in their own country in leading positions.


My Friends!

What kind of world is it where the villains, who get the world covered in blood and tears, can live free, and govern countries? Where the nation’s heroes are considered to be terrorists?

The sentence of Hague tells us that if we fought our 1848-49 war of independence, Haynau, as a President of the Austrian State could ask for the condemnation of the 13 Martyrs of Arad at the Hague Tribune for “criminal organization” of terrorist activity.

It is a typical disease symptom of our age that the so called “international community” acts against the patriotic soldiers and not the aggressors.


My Friends!

This sentence is a disgrace for the West and for the European Union that while stresses the high-sounding slogans of the human rights and the national autonomy, does everything against the strengthening and unfolding of nations which is an obstruction of the spreading of the globalization and the power aspiration of the West.

Shame on the Croatian political elite, as for them the joining to the European Union and the smooth continuation of the negotiation, were more important than the fate of their national Heroes. The heroes, to whom they should thank that today they govern a free, independent and pride country.

Shame on the Hungarian political elite, which during its European Union Presidency, as a thousand year old friend of Croatia, did not raise its voice on international forums against this unjust and ethnically unacceptable verdict.

Shame on everyone let the liberalism of our age to drag them down into nihilism, ignorance and apathy.

Respect for the heroes who fought for the independence of Croatia. Respect for Ante Gotovina and respect and thanks for everyone who stands up for freedom, national autonomy and independence. Thank you my friends.


Gotovina heroj!

Gödöllő, 20th of May 2011.