Jobbik in Hungary Is the Hungarian government preparing the public for the imprisonment of the opposition?
MP István Szávay: The government is already preparing its supporters for accepting the idea of using physical violence against the opposition if it comes to that
Jobbik in Hungary Let’s just hope Trump never hacks Szíjjártó off!
Hungary’s discontinuation of Dutch relations at ambassador level will put our country even farther from the European political theatre
Jobbik in Hungary But what's the Wage Union for?
Jobbik's politicians talked about the practical aspects of the initiative
Jobbik in EU Historic mission
By launching the wage union initiative, we leave the disastrous policy of the past 27 years behind, said Márton Gyöngyösi
Jobbik in Hungary Battering ram in motion, last chance for the EU!
On August 20, Gábor Vona officially launched the wage union initiative
Hungarian Across Borders Gábor Vona promises real struggle for autonomy after 2018
Announcing his tenth commitment in his Friday press conference,Gábor Vona promised a more intensive struggle for the autonomy of Hungarian communities living abroad.
Jobbik in the World Jobbik deeply condemns latest terror attacks
Jobbik expresses its heartfelt condolences
In the EP How long will Hungarians need to emigrate from their homeland?
How long will this burning and pressing wage and income gap persist between Western and Central Eastern EU member states? MEP Morvai asked in the European Parliament.
Jobbik in Hungary Reaction to Viktor Orbán’s Tusványos speech: Hungary is controlled by obsessions rather than common sense
Viktor Orbán has once again proven there is only one thing he can give the people: a supposed enemy
Jobbik in the World Another international blunder for the government
There seems to be only one important area left for the Orbán government: corruption.