Party Announcements Jobbik has become a world political factor
Let’s admit that Hungary is a wonderful little country. In which other country’s case would the world public opinion has constantly (the emphasis is on “constantly”) on its mind that in...
Party Announcements The Deportation of Sudeten Germans: a Forgotten Tragedy
Commemoration of the Victims of the Benes Decrees in the Church of Homecoming
Party Announcements Jobbik: bring Kertesz to justice for anti-Hungarian slur
Jobbik today formally denounced writer Akos Kertesz at the Prosecutor's Office for incitement against the community, defamation and other offenses.
Party Announcements Gábor Vona: The plan
Jobbik is not just a party, but as its name suggests, it is a movement too. A political party tries to gain as much support as it can, it runs candidates in elections, then tries to use the trust...