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World War III in the making?

Billions of dollars, blackmailing and a Neoconservative jihad behind the Ukrainian crisis - interview with Márton Gyöngyösi.

Gábor Vona in Turkey

Gábor Vona is in Turkey


Open letter from József Balázs, MP of Fidesz to the Mayor of Gyöngyös

Ante Gotovina Acquitted

Gabor Vona re-elected as the president of the Jobbik party

The Jobbik party re-elected Chairman Gabor Vona in its Budapest congress on Saturday, while MEP Csanad Szegedi failed to secure another term as vice-president.

The Deportation of Sudeten Germans: a Forgotten Tragedy

Commemoration of the Victims of the Benes Decrees in the Church of Homecoming

Jobbik: bring Kertesz to justice for anti-Hungarian slur

Jobbik today formally denounced writer Akos Kertesz at the Prosecutor's Office for incitement against the community, defamation and other offenses.

Jobbik condemns and despises the Simon Wiesenthal Center

Jobbik condemns and despises the Simon Wiesenthal Centre for its Sunday morning disrespectful statement issued over the death of the 98 year old Sándor Képíró who was sued for war crimes but the court cleared of all charges.

The truth about Gyöngyöspata and ethnic violence in Hungary

Recent weeks have seen a growing number of articles, lengthy reports and analyses of the international media concerned about ethnic violence in Hungary, particularly regarding the situation concerning the Gipsy minority. The growing interest of the international media was triggered by recent events in Gyöngyöspata, a village in North-Eastern Hungary. Márton Gyöngyösi MP, leader of the Foreign Affairs Committee of Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary responds to the most frequent lies surfacing in the international press regarding ethnic violence.



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