Jobbik in Hungary

2017-09-28 13:16
By having Jobbik’s posters scraped off, Fidesz sank to a new low in its antidemocratic behaviour
2017-09-27 09:42
Jobbik refuses to tolerate the use of means characteristic of dictatorships.
2017-09-24 11:46
Jobbik’s outdoor media campaign continues
2017-09-21 10:40
The purpose of Jobbik’s Pensioner Platform is to represent the interests of retirees with an independent advisory body that contributes to the party’s political agenda
2017-09-20 09:29
Vona: It's time to talk about reality
2017-09-19 09:23
In his Monday press conference, Gábor Vona announced his eleventh election pledge.
2017-09-13 13:38
Gábor Vona talked to Alfahí
2017-09-12 09:42
János Áder may fall victim of the media war
2017-09-10 19:11
Nearly fifty members of twenty-three trade unions accepted Jobbik’s invitation for a meeting to discuss the European Citizens’ Initiative for a Wage Union.
2017-09-06 14:18
Zoltán Illés said he would still run for a parliamentary seat under Fidesz’ banner, but he believed that the government was conducting a corrupt and dishonest policy