Jobbik in Hungary

2015-06-19 15:18
Jobbik welcomes the government's initiative on a fence along our southern border while also pointing out some flaws in the plan.
2015-06-18 01:14
A border fence on its own cannot prevent the influx of refugees. So Jobbik proposes a systematic, comprehensive solution package.
2015-06-10 16:53
Jobbik firmly clings to its runner-up position, keeping up with or even overtaking the government party in various social groups.
2015-05-20 12:54
No matter how convincing Viktor Orbán's latest "freedom fighter harangue" in the European Parliament, it is nothing but a sign of his struggle for his lost credibility
2015-05-18 09:37
A journalist accused Jobbik that MPs of the party did not care about the year of voluntary work, that had been announced by Gábor Vona.
2015-04-29 19:36
Jobbik calls upon the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade to start doing their job and focus on assisting Hungarian citizens instead of trying to save corrupt businessmen and politicians.
2015-04-28 13:27
"Jobbik is not a Nazi or arrow-cross party, Jobbik is a people's party which refuses to be quarantined by its political rivals
2015-04-24 12:17
We have a lot of debates about this issue, because we all know that being a people's party is not just an opportunity but a risk, too.
2015-04-19 20:57
"Last week's events revealed how Orbán's administration, national sovereignty and parliamentarism relate to the Hungarian society as the government, aided by former prime ministers Gyur
2015-04-16 09:32
Those, who think that this party distinguishes people based on race, religion or anything else, are by mistake members of the party – Gabor Vona said.