Gábor Vona: The plan

Jobbik is not just a party, but as its name suggests, it is a movement too. A political party tries to gain as much support as it can, it runs candidates in elections, then tries to use the trust of voters according to its best ability (ideally, of course).

But a movement thinks in longer terms. I too, do the same, when I take off some time from my daily routine. And looking at the future, I have some ambivalent feelings.

Fate by all probability, will impose serious challenges upon us along the way who have pledged to work for the betterment of Hungary. Now, the question is this: will there be enough people to carry on the fight? I know that lots of people will answer yes, I am here, which is good. But will there be leaders who after their adolescence are ready for the job, and when the time comes, they take up their crosses? I have no comforting answer to this question yet.

Of course, there is no shortage of self-appointed individuals; how many of them identify themselves as future kings or Jesus Christ? These are all psychiatric cases. Those who I think of are calm, sober, humble but hard-core, dedicated and skilled young people who are willing to devote their lives to the Hungarian cause. For whom, we are now preparing the way, who will follow us in the wake of our struggles. These people have to be perfect, venerable individuals. In order that these individuals come to be (and also to eradicate this excruciatingly worrisome sensation in myself), I decided to launch a management training course, an elite training, made specifically for the most outstanding young people. In order not to lose them for the country, but help them so that they can fulfill their mission when the time is right. Soon, I will tell you more about this plan; I know though that those who I am looking for are already among those who are reading these lines.

(Facebook – barikad.hu – translated by hungarianambiance.com)