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Your Faq?, the English language website of the Movement for a Better Hungary welcomes your questions, comments or enquiries.

With an ever growing increase in traffic over the last few years, and a similar leap in the number of direct enquiries being made to us here, at Jobbik’s international site.

Overwhelmingly positive, responses have varied from those grateful for now finally knowing the facts about Jobbik; to others who have been completely incensed by the intentionally deceptive and openly deceitful coverage of Jobbik they have witnessed in their own national media.

Many people sadly, just don't have the time to find out what we really stand for by reading our English-language manifesto, and we would very much like to present such people with the opportunity of nevertheless having their most recurring questions answered.

We will very happily give detailed answers to those most frequently asked.

Please note that at the moment our language of communication is ONLY Hungarian and English therefore please DO NOT write to us in any other language as we will not be able to respond.

Thank you.

Our 'brighter future' has begun