The Transcarpathian town of Munkács (Mukachevo) is living in civil war conditions as the gunmen of extremist Right Sector (Praviy Sektor) engaged in a gunfight with the bodyguards of an MP and the arriving police Saturday afternoon. Unconfirmed media reports talk about the use of heavy artillery, several people dead or injured.
The majority of the European Parliament voted in favour of the report on the TTIP. Jobbik's MEPs clearly rejected the planned agreement both in votes and speeches, proposing that the resolution should be taken off the agenda.
Jobbik believes the Greek referendum is a clear indication that the EU should abandon its collision course, reconsider its structure, and return to the path laid down by the founding fathers.
Finland has committed a grave mistake by refusing to allow several important members, including the Speaker of the Russian Parliament, to travel to the Parliamentary Assembly session of OSCE


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Frequently Refuted Lies

THE LIE: The Hungarian Guard, who wear fascist paraphernalia and symbolism, are paramilitary blackshirts complicit in the deliberate assassination of Hungarian Roma.

THE FACTS: A paramilitary who is armed with nothing more fearful than a handkerchief is not worthy of the name, indeed any person who tells you such a person is a "paramilitary" or a member of a "militia" is telling you a deliberate lie. The carrying of any form of weapon whatsoever results in immediate summary expulsion from the Hungarian Guard.


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The Transcarpathian town of Munkács (Mukachevo) is living in civil war conditions as the gunmen of extremist Right Sector (Praviy Sektor) engaged in a gunfight...
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The political course of the past 25 years must be radically changed. We need a calm, considerate, empathetic but firm political stance. Gábor Vona's State of the Nation address January 31, 2015