We have a lot of debates about this issue, because we all know that being a people's party is not just an opportunity but a risk, too. If you don't stay focused, you can easily lose your fundaments, your basic values and become an average party. Fortunately, we are aware of that and we know that we need a constant self-review.
In a discussion with Hungarians in New York on Saturday, Jobbik's vice president István Szávay talked about the milestone victory in Tapolca, the alleged opposition within Jobbik and a liveable, independent and proud Hungary.
Those, who think that this party distinguishes people based on race, religion or anything else, are by mistake members of the party – Gabor Vona said. The party leader sent a message to anti-Roma and anti-Semitic members to find themselves a new party
Which member of our government will assume responsibility if a terrorist attack takes place in Hungary in the near future, triggered by our participation in the anti-ISIS military operation? Jobbik will not support the government's efforts to participate in such irresponsible missions, neither today nor in the future.


It is a great honour for us to welcome you as our reader. 

The world is undergoing a pivotal era where more and more people set out on a journey to seek the truth.

Our intentions and goals are genuine, our programme is clear. We want nothing but to be able live in proud, free and liveable Hungary where the society is characterised by integrity, faith, security, order and solidarity. While preserving our national traditions and passing on our cultural heritage to the next generations, we also wish to represent universal humane values that are common in all cultures and religions. This is what we work for. For a better future, in a better world. 


Frequently Refuted Lies

Since when are Hungarian nationalists, morons who have German words tattooed on their heads?

On the day of the 2010 Hungarian parliamentary elections, if you made a Google News search using the term "Jobbik" you found approximately 200 articles that mentioned the Movement for a Better Hungary, internationally. It took some time to read them all, but when you did, you discovered that they each had a common feature; and it might not be the one you think.


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In a discussion with Hungarians in New York on Saturday, Jobbik's vice president István Szávay talked about the milestone victory in Tapolca, the alleged o...
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9 kwietna ukraiński parlament przyjął ustawę, która nadała Ukraińskiej Powstańczej Armii (UPA) status formacji walczącej o niepodległość kraju.
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The political course of the past 25 years must be radically changed. We need a calm, considerate, empathetic but firm political stance. Gábor Vona's State of the Nation address January 31, 2015